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Symphonia Jubilate

Symphonia Jubilate (SJ) is a symphony orchestra and recorder orchestra program made up of students predominantly from primary and secondary schools in the Strathfield education area. Founded in 2013 by Tracy Burjan and Luke Wallace, the orchestra aims to provide students with an opportunity to rehearse, learn and perform quality orchestral music from a diverse range of musical styles, as well as to foster a new level of music appreciation and skill.


In 2021 there are 6 ensembles that rehearse separately covering repertoire that is appropriate to their age and abilities: 

  • SJ Sul Ponticello (high school string players)
  • SJ Spiccato (primary school string players)
  • SJ Tutti (all wind/brass/percussion players)
  • SJ Pizzicato (primary school beginner strings)
  • Flauto Dolce (recorder ensemble 1)
  • Fipple Flutes (recorder ensemble 2)

These are intended to be smaller ensembles in line with COVID-19 guidelines. 

However, it is hoped that ensembles can work as symphonic ensembles with strings, wind, brass and percussion in the near future. 

The operation of this program is contingent on advice provided by the NSW Department of Education in consultation with NSW Health. All activities will adhere to the DoE COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

To apply

Applications are currently being accepted.

For further information and to apply visit the Symphonia Jubilate website.


Susan Sukkar - Arts Coordination Officer
Email: susan.sukkar@det.nsw.edu.au
Phone: 0430 299 221