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Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature is a new visual arts enrichment program which takes place in the Royal National Park. Each primary school will select students to participate in a one-day learning experience on an excursion to the Royal National Park. They will explore the local environment, learn art theory, and produce a range of ephemeral and permanent artworks. Students will investigate artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and his rich diversity of forms, structure, patterns and textures.

With exploration during an outdoor nature walk, students will gain a rich source of ideas to create artworks and an appreciation of art. Students will study the Elements and Principles of Design to gain a deeper understanding of how to create interesting and engaging artworks. They will experiment with and learn how to use different techniques associated with natural forms ending in a group artwork and individually created artworks.

2020 Workshop Dates:

Activity for this program is temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future to support efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

  • Wednesday 22 July 2020
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020


Royal National Park Environmental Education Centre

159 Farnell Avenue Royal National Park 2233


Jill Bell - Coordinator
Email: jill.bell6@det.nsw.edu.au
Phone: 9542 1951

Ravenna Gregory - Arts Coordination Officer (Relieving Thur - Fri)
Email: ravenna.gregory@det.nsw.edu.au
Phone: 8512 1183